Nouvelle chanson Power Metal

Paroles :

We’ve heard it in the news

A child has died again

Each time I feel the blues,

The pain

Waiting with a shotgun

Hidden in the shadow

Cannot escape the commando

Pont :

In our society

The life has no more price

Each citizen is bound to die

Thinking just for themselves

No care of the others

Angels can turn into killers

Refrain :

Is there a way to make this world go round

And to cleanse this battleground

Nobody wants to start a new world war again

These days you may be killed for anything

Or sacrificed for a king

Will there be someone to hear our screams for life

The fear of the bomber

Exploding for his god

Conditioned by priest from abroad

The shots between dealers

Paradise in powder

Your kid’s head shattered on the road

Pont :

For whole humanity

The life should have a price

There’s nothing death can satisfy

Why are we so selfish

To win in this rat race

The Angels fall into disgrace