Synthés enregistrés avec MOLOSS II

Paroles :

I'm thinking of my life, the way it used to be

Remembering the things that counted for me

In a kind of heaven that I can't quite see

But that I know was real, and that I still believe


I'm thinking of the days when I was young and free

A world full of wonder, a world of possibilities

When the future was bright and anything could be

The sky was the limit and no one could stop me


I'm thinking of people who were once close to me

Who shared my dreams and hopes, my fears and memories

All who laughed and cried, who loved and lived with me

Those who made who I am, and who I'll always be


I'm thinking of moments that have just slipped away

The chances not taken, the words left unsaid

The triumphs, the failures, the joys along the way

Wondering what might have been, if I had been more brave


I'm thinking of the future, of what it might hold

The laughs and the sorrows, the stories to be told

The people I'll meet, all that places I'll go

I'm excited to see what future will unfold



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Mai :

I don’t want to make you cry

But now it’s time to leave

I will come back when I find my way

There’s nothing here that would make me stay

Life’s so strange

Some things must change

But I don’t know how


My suitcase is ready

I jump in a taxi

Direct to the airport

A stamp on the passport

Now I’m flying to somewhere

Where the sun is known to glare

I still don’t really know

Why I’ve done that now

Maybe I should have stayed

But I craved this escapade


NineZero :

Now I am here all alone

I have to survive on my own

I don’t know if you’ll come back

When you reach the end of the track

I drink all night, I sleep all day

I try to hold on to the edge

I drive flat out on the highway

In this race to escape your spell

But I can’t live

When I’m alone it’s way too hard

Now I don’t breathe

I hope my heart will soon restart


Mai :

Sitting on top of the hill

I'm waiting for the sunrise

I feel like an icy chill

When I remember your eyes

I was not meant to hurt you

But I don't want to tell you lies

Happiness was not with you

Maybe you could realize


Now I can dance

Now I can sing

My life is again like a dream

Now I can swim

In a warm stream

The smiles are shining around me

I’m living in a fantasy


Now I can jump

Now I can laugh

A new chance to open the fence

The clouds are gone

All lights are green

Why don’t you come with me again

To take a glass with all my friends


NineZero :

I've been waiting for too long

Wondering why you have gone

Now I'm searching everywhere

Acting might ease my despair

I see the world in black and white

These gloomy days look like a night

To see life with all its hues

I’m on the road to meet you


NineZero :

Now here I am

Mai :

Here you are

NineZero :

The road is long, it’s not the end

Come with me let’s try again

Mai :

So let’s dance



Together in trance

Forever romance

Together we are stronger

Together life is brighter


Now we can dance

Now we can sing

United we share the same dream

Let’s take this chance

Let’s spread our wings

Now there’s nothing to bring us down

Let’s take the party till the dawn