Vocals made with Synthesizer V Lyrics : My life, this unfortunate life Waiting for freedom It comes when it wants to My heart, this unbreakable heart Remains locked alone How long that’s the clue Will I live eternal life ? Is it worth to stay that long ? If I stay here all alone I might not get through They injected me that stuff Some new chemical They said it would make me tough Invincible Solution to cure the world Of that deadly virus It’s in my blood I cannot die When antibodies grew I’m facing the eternal life Fearing this nightmare comes true Since then i don’t sleep at night My blood is boiling Keeping on fighting something Invisible Now there is no turning back Condemned to live forever (chorus) If I stay waiting freedom forever (forever) I will soon turn into devil's daughter (chorus x2)

Musique d'ambience au saxo

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Instrumental compositions. Guitars, synths & drums performed by Arthelion.

Instrumentals composed & performed using synths & drums.

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