Why sound level decreases when I use Equalizer or Bass Boost ?

By default, LoudPlayer uses its own hi-quality processing.

As the output dynamics assigned to the app is limited, when you augment a lot the level of equalizer or bass boost, it will reduce smart amplifier dynamics to keep the sound in the allowed range, to a point where the amplifier may sometimes have no effect at all, or a weird behavior.

You have then several options to work around this phenomenon :

  • Reduce bass boost / equalizer levels ;  in eq, instead of boosting frequencies, cut complementary frequencies.
  • Reduce amplifier level in options and augment output level of your device to compensate. If you do that, please take care of your ears and don't push it to far, or other sound (rings...) might be very loud.
  • Use "Normal" bass boost effect instead of the "Hi quality" one. By doing this, it activates Android stock processing, which is applied at a different stage of the device processing chain, so it does not affect output level, at the price of a less precise sound,
  • Full version only : Go in Settings > Application and disable "Use built-in effects", so you will be able to use Android stock equalizer, also with a less precise sound and less possibilities, but with wider dynamics as for "Normal" bass boost.