How to add artist/album/files to current queue

  • First, select a library entry with a long press
  • Then add (if needed) other entries with a short press
  • Use upper buttons to add to the queue, as following :

Tired of having to constantly adjust the volume when listening to music in public transport ?

Tired of having to preprocess your music library or disappointed with the result ?

Then LoudPlayer is for you !

LoudPlayer is the first audio player embedding our exclusive smart amplifier that adjusts in real time the output level based on the music content and re-normalizes the tracks on the fly, a little as if it was listening the track with a small advance to anticipate the main changes in sound.

Just drop your original files on your device and enjoy the result !

Of course the amplifier can be adjusted according to your taste, or even switched off if necessary, to go back to a "normal" player.
Just try for free the radio edition on Google Play or enjoy all the functionalities of the full version.

LoudPlayer ScreenShots

LoudPlayer Themes

LoudPlayer doesn't use, collect, record or transmit any personal information stored on your device.