Retro futuristic melodic electro rock

A new MOLOSS version has been published

  • Fixed : Hi pass filter was not correctly setted when changing sounds, leading to distorted sounds.
  • Fixed : Bad odd & even harmonics generation
  • Improved : Sine & harmonics levels are not linked anymore
  • Recalibrated TVF LP & HP filters. Now it's possible to ouput a "perfect" square waveform in a voice.
  • There are now 11 harmonics tables per waveform instead of 7 to improve sound quality in lower notes

Download link

Relocked down...

  • New option to process all input files as a single big one (usefull if it's a single recording splitted). Warning : all files must have the same sample rate.*
  • : Fixed : Error in 1.9.3 version packaging, album cover was not correctly saved

Download here

Rock ballad with organ and choir