About Android Auto

Is LoudPlayer compatible with Android Auto ?

Starting with version 3.3, yes, it is.

With Basic version, you only have one control to play randomly your music library, with the full version you can browse content, show last changes, history, run your playlists, etc...


What is the point in using LoudPlayer in Android Auto ?

The smart amplifier will make listening much more comfortable when environment becomes noisy.


Android Auto says LoudPlayer is not running when I try to use it ?

You must run the app manually from your device, or allow it to autostart in Android settings.


In full version, why sometimes the wrong album art is displayed in albums/songs/artists lists ?

It's actually an Android Auto issue, there is no known workaround for the moment.


Why sound settings change when connected to Android Auto ?

The app stores two different sets of sound parameters, one when running in Android Auto mode, and another on when Android Auto is not running, as the parameters needed to have a good listening experience may not me the same with your earphones or with car audiosystem. So this is a normal behaviour.


Why playing queue showed in Android Auto is sometimes shorted than in the app ?

For performance reasons, you cannot display a virtually infinite queue in Android Auto as you can in the device app.