How to have nice looking album artwork ?

The album artworks are loaded by LoudPlayer either :

  • directly from the mp3 file, in case of a mp3 file embedding artwork tag,
  • from the Android media library, which takes one of the JPEG files in the media directory. Note that, for Android 10+ compatibility, LoudPlayer cannot directly parse the album directory as it did in the previous versions, so the way the Android media library is built is really important, see below.

In the latter case, the artwork library is built by reading the first jpeg file it finds in the media directory.

So to have a nice looking picture in your app, you should follow theses steps :

  • Store your music using a separate folder for each album,
  • If it's mp3 files with artwork tag, don't let any image file in the directory,
  • Else, just put one (and only one) jpg file in the directory, preferably named "Folder.jpg", with a resolution at last 512x512 to avoid excess blur. Remove all other jpeg files "AlbumArt" or whatever.

A good practice is to store your library on a computer, organize it suitedly using some tools, synchronize your device storage using FreeFileSync, and then rebuild the Android library (see below).

Useful tools to organize your music library on Windows :