• Fixed : Incorrect enveloppes when decay time is null
  • Improved behaviour of TVF and TVA envelope depth parameters
  • Some sounds added to default library

Download here

New demo track of last version :

First full atonal composition. Made with MOLOSS I synth.

Relocked down...

  • Automated limiter release time when setting is 0
  • Several algorithm improvements
  • : Fix for manual release times settings
  • : Italian translation updated
  • : Gain control problem fixed
  • : Fixed : File splitting was not working correctly if noise estimation was not checked.

Download here

Fix : Custom autoeq settings were not saved properly.

Download here

A new MOLOSS version has been published

  • New parameter to sync Chorus LFO with tempo
  • Improvement in LFO speed settings when synced with tempo.
    Now 100 corresponds to exactly one beat period, 200 half beat, etc...

Download link