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Disciples :

Will we find our way

The life we’re dreaming of

Waiting the end of days

We will find out

We saw you on the stage

You seemed so confident

Could you open the cage ?

Free us now !



Guru :

Hear my prophecy

You should follow me

I’ll give you the key

Just send your money


Disciples :

You make me feel like a hovering bird

I will never touch the earth


Guru :

You’ll touch the earth !

You will give me all you’ve got

You don’t need these anymore

You should tell all of your friends

To come and give my dividends

I hold your life in my hands

Your faith is growing

Prey me on your knees

Join my family

I’ll make you happy


Disciples :

You make me feel like I’m floating around

Will I ever reach the ground ?


Guru :

You’ll reach the ground !

You will give me your fortune

You’re too afraid to leave this life

You will convince your children

To give me their inheritance

I hold your life in my hands


Disciples :

I see your face everywhere

You’re in my head

Got no control

You just made me your slave


Guru :

I can grab your inner thoughts

Your secret desires

You are my thing

You’ll fulfill all my needs


Disciples : You became my raison d’être

Guru : I’ll protect you

Disciples : I won’t survive without you


Guru : I will lead you

Disciples : You will lead me

Guru : I will lead you down to hell

Guru : I will use you

Disciples : You exhaust me

Guru : ‘til there’s nothing more to take

Guru : Everyone hear me, trust me, love me

Disciples : Aaaaah

Guru : I will poison you, kill you, burn you

Disciples : Aaaaah


Guru :

Take each other’s hand

Lay down in circle

Drink my magic potion

Close your eyes


Disciples :

You will never steal our souls

They’re immortal

Under their strain

You will soon die in pain


Watching you from the stars

Angels curse your name

From the ashes we will rise

You will rest in shame

 Lyrics :

Watch my eyes

You can see how much I hate you


Don't expect me to understand you

You're the worst I've ever known

One day you'll fall off your throne

Don't ever walk by my side

It would be a suicide

You are a Zero

I hate your name

To ease my sorrow

I'll end your game

Bridge :

Watch me, Fear me

I'm your worst enemy

I'm so angry

You better leave me be

Chorus :

You're a bastard

We'll be dancing on your grave

As long as some flesh still remains on your bones

You're a poser

Thinking we are all your slaves

But some day we'll bury you under the stone


I don’t care

How you justify your abuse

I’m aware

Your warm greetings are only a ruse

You just act to boost yourself

But your pic will fall off the shelf

If you want me to agree

Just try to get me on my knees

You mind’s so narrow

You are so lame

I’ll shoot my arrow

To cure your head

(bridge) (chorus) (solo) (chorus)

We will bury you (bury you)

We will bury you (bury you)

We will bury you under the stone (the stone)

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