• When opening a file from a file manager (using "Open with" command), all the directory content is loaded into the current queue.
  • a New function allows to copy/paste segments in/from text format hh:mm:ss.ss-hhmm:ss.ss,...
  • New parameter to search segments where logo is missing,
  • This parameter and margins are now saved with logos
  • Commmand line arguments to load a file, create segments manually or detect them, and save results.
  • GUI improvements :
    • a splitter bar allows to resize segments list
    • new icons, menus, shortcuts and toolbars
    • a thin line shows current position in timeline
  • All timings and moving functions has been improved and redesigned
  • Algorithm improvements

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VidePub 1.5.0 is out now.

New features :

  • A graphic temporal bar has been added. This bar shows the segements of the list with their state, and allows selection by left-clic,
  • Highlight of segment bounds that have been adjusted manually,
  • Re-design of displacement functions, to be more reliable on videos with errors due to bad transmission.

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The Android music player embedding a real-time evolution of the LASTAR amplifier is now available on Play Store !

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