The new version of LASTAR 1.7.1 is available.

It contains following bug fix :

  • Incorrect accent handling in mp3 tags
  • Problem in Noise Gate
  • Random problem in mp3 output

The new version of LASTAR 1.7.0 is available.

Its main novelty, besides the usual optimizations, corrections and internal improvements, is the introduction of a new integrated frequency equalization algorithm allowing to correct a file to get closer to typical equalization curves without having to make adjustments or tedious fumbling.


The curves are for the moment predefined, but in a future version it is planned to be able to create them manually.

A mechanism is used to preselect the nearest curve automatically, but you can force the use of a given curve.

LoudPlayer is out with its exclusive 9-band equalizer and bass booster for a full Hi-Fi playback !


The new version 2 of LoudPlayer is now out on the store !

It includes a new design, with a full navigation drawer, new custom themes, a sleep timer, and much more...

Don't hesitate to test it and to send us your feedback !

  • When opening a file from a file manager (using "Open with" command), all the directory content is loaded into the current queue.