The version 3 of LoudPlayer is now available !

Special offer until 02/24/2019, don't miss it !

It offers a new mainscreen, history management, exclusive cover animations, and much more !

LoudPlayer functions

LoudPlayer main panel
Advanced playing controls
History management
Library browsing
Library functions
Multiple playlist management
Playlist editor
Last music added on device
Sound parameters
Application settings
Theme selector
Playing queue fullscreen
Playing queue functions
Edit playing queue
Sleep timer
Navigation menu
Functions menu
Amplifier status hidden
Go to function

  • New exclusive cover animation
  • Progressive fade-in when music starts

The new version keeps the artwork image stored in the input file (if the input and output are in mp3).

It also allows to define in the default tags an artwork image added to the mp3.

Fixed :

  • Pre-listen function didn't start
  • Problem with msvc2015 runtime installation (installer version)
  • The last 150 ms (at 44.1 KHz) of audio were not processed
  • Light GUI improvements
  • Problem with version check


Added :

  • Button to reset artwork
  • Button to disable noise estimation


The app now has an advanced control panel that allows you to set a loop for a portion of a song, change the speed and / or pitch of a song.

Get it on Google PlayStore !