Fixed :

  • Pre-listen function didn't start
  • Problem with msvc2015 runtime installation (installer version)
  • The last 150 ms (at 44.1 KHz) of audio were not processed
  • Light GUI improvements
  • Problem with version check


Added :

  • Button to reset artwork
  • Button to disable noise estimation


The new version keeps the artwork image stored in the input file (if the input and output are in mp3).

It also allows to define in the default tags an artwork image added to the mp3.

The new version of LASTAR 1.7.1 is available.

It contains following bug fix :

  • Incorrect accent handling in mp3 tags
  • Problem in Noise Gate
  • Random problem in mp3 output

The app now has an advanced control panel that allows you to set a loop for a portion of a song, change the speed and / or pitch of a song.

Get it on Google PlayStore !

The new version of LASTAR 1.7.0 is available.

Its main novelty, besides the usual optimizations, corrections and internal improvements, is the introduction of a new integrated frequency equalization algorithm allowing to correct a file to get closer to typical equalization curves without having to make adjustments or tedious fumbling.


The curves are for the moment predefined, but in a future version it is planned to be able to create them manually.

A mechanism is used to preselect the nearest curve automatically, but you can force the use of a given curve.